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Just began a conversion to using TextMate for writing \LaTeX, python, and wordpress posts. This wordpress post is written with Markdown syntax. How is this working out?

This is [toeholds], a blog of relative inconsequence. Hello world. When not writing a blog, I’m writing a paper. The paper is intended to keep me occupied while I think about how to handle my own set of data programmatically.

[toeholds]: https://toeholds.wordpress.com

### Recent Activity

Lately I have been exploring the different libraries of python in scientific contexts (matplotlib, scipy, numpy, sympy, rpy, pysqlite…) I’m trying to learn to code properly by following the Dive into Python curriculum. Constantly refactoring old code (they were crappy code), and feeling sad that no one else sees it.

More python-related stuff: Nodebox for visualizations using python syntax; Nodebox has a linguistics/Wordnet library, which is _tres_ cool. Enthought Traits seems like a very useful thing to know in building GUI. Blender (very minorly right now – it takes more time and is far out from the thesis-track right now). I’m also learning Boo (a hybrid python-C# language) and Objective-C.

Unity3D is capturing my imagination now, and one of the projects after finishing this thesis is to create a simple (but viral?) 3D game with it. The game would either be about a mentor ghost, fluid physics, or a capoeira card-game.

On the artsie side, I’m drawing balloon instructions. A diagram follows… **automatically** inserted and uploaded by [TextMate].
[Textmate]: http://macromates.com/

> Some quotes.
> Some extra quotes.

I’m also looking into setting up a Subversion server at home for my \LaTeX documents, and experimenting with Google Wave for the same purpose.

Trying out MarsEdit as my blogging tool of choice.


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