IB Chemistry for Teachers

Hello and welcome.

There are lots of resources for IBDP students but a dearth of material for IBDP teachers. This is perhaps not surprising; the student market is larger (and more desperate?), and vanishing few people have the experience and expertise to build what teachers need. I try to provide a fresh alternative.

Who are you?

I am Jon Chui, a PhD chemist with BSc(s) in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemistry. While primarily a physical organic chemist (synthetic ion channels), my grab-bag of research experiences spans computationally predicting, then slamming muons in a synchrotron with strange alkenes, synthesizing aluminium carbenes, RNA in vitro selection, and process chemistry at Merck.

Between 2012–2022 I taught exclusively IBDP Chemistry and Theory of Knowledge, with 75–90 students each year while supervising 6–8 Extended Essay projects. With the IBO, I was a senior examiner, facilitated workshops, and developed materials for teacher-training workshops as well as Teacher Support Materials. From 2016, I started and maintained the unofficial Teacher Resources Exchange for DP Chemistry.

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What do you offer?

I take decades of experience in chemistry, teaching, programming, and illustration, and combine them into interactive, attractive, and scientifically sound experiences. There is a mix of free and licensed offerings for the 2025 syllabus, including worksheets, slides, and courses for professional development.

If you are a teacher and have special requests, feel free to reach out to me by email (jon at atlas3i.com) or Discord.


2025 Syllabus

  • Table


    Spreadsheet and filterable/searchable interactive tabular forms for accessing the IBDP 2025 chemistry syllabus. Read more

  • Treemap


    An interactive tree-map for exploring the IBDP 2025 chemistry syllabus. Drill down and roll up sections, topics, and sub-topics. Read more

  • Sunburst


    An interactive sunburst diagram for exploring the IBDP 2025 chemistry syllabus. Drill down and roll up sections, topics, and sub-topics. Read more

These resources are also available in

Question Sets

Data-based / Practical

Currently there are no Paper 1 section B (practical / data based) questions for the new syllabus. I have drafted Series A, 10 problems of [10] points each, that are formatted similar to actual papers, covers all of the prescribed practicals, and are supplied with colored solutions.

As perpetual teacher licenses, these will soon be available for purchase for US$ 20 (when I sort out payment processing / tax!), that you can use with your students either as practices or tests. This should save you about 20 hours of work. A demo of the first question is provided here.

But you should still get your school to pay for this work expense!

In the future, Series B would be also 10 x [10] and similar in construction to Series A, so you can use one for practice and the other for tests; and Series C that are [20] questions that are tightly integrated with the theory-syllabus (and thus more suitable for exam / exam preparations).

Topic practice sets

I am preparing a 456 x [3]–[10] problem set for the 2025 syllabus (again, including solutions). One multi-part practice progression for each of the sub-sub-topics, and the [2,000] would provide good reassurance that your students are prepared (at least on the Assessment Objective 1 level). Together with colored solutions that are detailed enough for students to accurately grade their own attempt, this saves you hundreds of hours of work in preparation — and then save ten more hours per student.

This set is targeted for Q1 2024 (around March is more realistic), but may be available earlier in a rolling release. If you would like to be part of the early access, please write me.

Slide decks

I am investigating workflow for preparing rich, interactive slides at scale, that are integrated with formative assessment tools. These would be web-based, makes use of external services, and will likely be available only as subscriptions.

If you are interested in early access, please write me.

Courses / Training

Onboarding 2025 IB Chemistry

In Summer 2023, I have offered three runs of Onboarding 2025 IB Chemistry. This 4-module online workshop was attended by hundreds of novice and experienced colleagues, and warmly reviewed for its substance, honesty, and inclusion of unique expertly prepared resources. When time allows, I would slowly write up the content and record necessary videos.

Depending on how much work this turned out, it may be free or paid content.

ICT (digital) in Chemistry

Want to learn about doing molecular modeling, simulations, data-based practicals, or image analysis with your students? Back in 2019 the IBO commissioned a set of teacher-oriented tutorials from me, and these are available to you for free as part of the new IB Exchange initiative. Sign into the myIB platform as a teacher to access this. You can also learn about this from a Cat 3 professional development workshop… but that was authored in 2014, and in the digital world a decade is a lifetime.