你好。我是一名香港沙田柚,博士時讀化學、 自己好奇心驅使下收集了各種奇怪技能。

在國際預科文憑 (IB diploma) 化學科,我曾經是學生、 教師、考官、教老師的教師、為教老師的教師製作工作坊的作家… 所以,有一大部份文稿是關於化學教學的。

在化學以外,我其他項目包括製作對廣東話語言教學用嘅實用工具 以及 粵拼書刊。例子包括「廣東話字體」(一套打中文字,得到彩色粵語拼音+中文字嘅字體),以及語音+中英粵拼對照嘅馬太福音。

我研發了「是像字體」 技術,是一系列以文字作基礎輸出圖片嘅工具。 所以有一小部份是關於字體工程學嘅文章。

有時候亦會有 技術性教學,主題包括 Elixir (我主要使用嘅程式語言)、Adobe Illustrator (主要用嘅繪圖程式)、以及 LaTeX (改主要使用嘅排版系統)。

Eliana 係阿根廷探戈 (Argentine Tango) 首屈一指嘅舞蹈家、 導師。我哋起銅鑼灣(近時代廣場)有一間阿根廷探戈 並 禪柔 (gyrotonic) 嘅 舞蹈訓練學校。 由初學到專業級 都有合適嘅課程。

文章一般是英文為主,不定期會 有兩種 語文平排。主要是考慮有冇會對話題有興趣嘅讀者。

Hello. I am a chemist by training and polymath by curiosity.

I have been involved in IB Chemistry for a long time: as a student, as a teacher, as examiner, as teacher trainer, and as developer for teacher-trainers. A part of this collection are writing and material useful for chemistry teachers.

Besides chemistry teaching, my ongoing lines of projects include methods for jyutping 粵拼 preparation (Cantonese romanization), and various Visual Fonts. Part of the collection here, then, are writings about Cantonese and the wild world of fonts.

I enjoy writing technical tutorials on obscure topics, and so you will also see some writing on Elixir (my primary programming language), Adobe Illustrator (my primary graphics tool), and LaTeX (my primary writing/type-setting tool).

Eli and I have a cozy Argentine Tango / Gyrotonic studio in Causeway Bay, where she offer classes from first step to professionals wanting to improve. (I am learning, slowly, with impatient patience.)

My writings are irregularly multi-lingual, usually in the form of parallel columns. The criteria is mostly on whether I think there would be readers of a particular language that would be interested.