• Thesis Woes

    This is a doubly rare post — a personal post, and an emo one for that.  The thesis is sitting between 930 to 1030 pages in the past month and I dread looking at it.  It’s never going to be as good as it should be, and I feel sick about it.  (And I feel… Read more

  • How NOT to swim distance butterfly?

    Since promising Cindy to teach her how to swim a long and efficient butterfly, I’ve been watching swimmers of various fluency at my pool (not very hard – swimming fly attracts butterfly like daffodils 🙂 ) as well as videos of exceptional swimmers like Misty Hyman and Mike Phelps online.  I’ve since learnt that it’s… Read more

  • Anonymous vs the “Patriots”

    Visualizing the damage done in the so-called “first world information war“* up to Dec 10, with each unit representing one hour of downtime.  The data was extracted from PandaLabs’ blog.  Downtime on the top is largely from Anon‘s** Operation: Payback (and is investigated by US-DOJ and an arrest in the Netherlands); downtime to Wikileaks was… Read more

  • Detailed Watercolor Worldmap

    This is a high resolution digital watercolor map of the world that can be printed in sizes up to 9×6 feet.  The details at full size is shown below.  The raw image is ~500Mb in size, and will be hosted here (uploading… it’s been uploading for the last 3h)  You can click on the image… Read more