Data-based Problem Set (Series A)


10x[10] Paper 1B problem set with solutions.  Perpetual license for use with your classes.


10 data-based questions, [10] points each, that targets each of the prescribed Practicals.  The timing and content is similar to what may be expected for Paper 1 Section B of the 2025 syllabus.  Each question starts on a new page, and is easy to use for both practice after a Practical or as a drop-in test question.

Included are colored solutions, with annotated explanations.

The downloads are white-labelled for print and the individualized watermarks do not show up in print.

Purchases are perpetual licensed to teachers, and the downloaded problem set + solution can — indeed, is expected — to be used with your class.  This saves a teacher at least 20 hours for each cohort.





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